Case Studies

Check out or latest success stories working with small and medium size business better enhancing their marketing and technology solutions.

NEO-INNOVATIONS – Brand Exposure, Social Media & Web Design

Developing new modern web design using WordPress, to help formulate a clean and more responsive website that enables user interaction experience, this helped boost sales and also decrease bounce rate from 85% to 30% ensuring users are more engaged which also increased web sales from 15% to 50% in the first three months.

Specialist branding team executing in depth analysis to create a strategic step by step marketing solutions to the current branding technique used by our client, utilising the latest marketing tools to ensure we provide up to date and more important successful branding awareness, through the use of better content on social media platforms and up to date post and blogging all created through fiztech. This was extremely successful as our branding and social media enabled our client to move more internationally and work with governments within Africa to set up their own product store.

Increasing Instagram and Facebook followers by 10% in the first month. In addition we didn’t stop there we also added SEO optimisation to ensure our client is higher ranked on google search engine, which also contributed to sales increase.